From:Mark Hunnibell
Subject:RE: Hendersons, those elegant machines - Is there one available? Date:Tue May 4 07:44:51 2010
Response to:2915

I think the author, Richard Schultz, is a current AMCA member living in Iowa. He may know of a possible source. His contact info is listed in the 2008 membership roster (I can't find my more recent copy at the moment).

I also have a copy (which I will not part with) and, in fact, I joined AMCA shortly after buying it about 10 years ago. I contacted Richard, telling him about my 1919. He referred me to Steve Ciccalone, and the rest is history.

No, I still don't have the bike finished. I am waiting for the engine rebuild.

Mark Hunnibell


I've been trying for a while to find a copy of this book, but with no luck. Does anyone know where there could be a copy available? (I can't afford to pay a fortune).

Does anyone know how many were originally printed?

Thanks, Craig