From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: RE: Need front brake lever Date:Wed Apr 21 11:58:16 2010
Response to:2898

My shifter and other parts are dull finish, so I'd like to get the dull finish on the brake lever. Hopefully Breeding still has some - I'll check with him and let you know.


Dave, Mike Breeding has them in both dull and brite nickel finish $200 brite, $150 dull but I just checked and his web site seems to be down. I have an extra brite one I can bring to Oley $175 just let me know.
Thanks Steve

I need a front brake lever. Anybody got one?

I tried Tom Fickau - he had made some a few years back, but no longer.

The sad story - I pulled my bike out into the driveway, set it on the side stand, and let it warm up while I closed the garage door, went through the house and locked the front door. When I came out (~1 minute), the bike way lying on its side. Ack!

It broke where the lever meets the flat part - where the cable end goes. I'm going to weld it back together, but there is so little meat there. It may work OK as a parking brake, but it will probably snap when I try to make an emergency stop. Then it will be an emergency!

Hope to see you all at Oley.