From:Carl N. Sorenson
Subject:Henderson, Excelsior and Super X Trottle / Mag ball-socket Date:Mon Apr 19 17:28:19 2010
Hello fellow M/C friends,

Attached is a picture of the ball and socket control ends that I just finished. They were produced on a CNC machine and plated with electroless nickle. Both threaded ends are 1/4-28.

If you are interested you can reach me at 407-832-9706 (9 to 5 EDT) or e-mail at I will have six pair of these with me at Oley. I will leave samples at the following booths - Dick Gaudio aka Dixindian (the RED KOTE guy) and Walker Machine.

Oley price is $350.00 a pair or $600.00 for two (2) pair.

Thanks - Carl