From:Steve Ciccalone
Subject:RE: Tail Lights Date:Sun Apr 4 12:30:28 2010
Response to:2875

The KJ/StreamlineX used a Culver Stearns taillight same as late 20's to '34 Indian. I have only seen one size of this taillight. This light is repro'ed by Randy Walker and I believe ToM Fickau (probably overseas as well). The '31 John Brown headlight is popped as well. Steve Slocum I believe is the source but Rat at Harbor Vintage regularly has them. I also believe Mark Dooley in CA made these as well. The '29 and '30 KJ's used a bullet light that Dick Winger made. There is also a '30 John Brown with ears for the stalks but it is not being popped to my knowledge unless by one of the European guys. the '30 style light was used by Indian on Junior Scouts and they show up at meets occasionally.

Hello out there not sure how to explain but all will know? on the late tail lights there are two different ones however I have seen the repos and one is about an inch shorter than the other I asked ziggy and he only has the shorter of the two dose anyone carry the taller one? also is there any john brown headlamps available?
thanks pat