From:john yushkevich e-mail:yushkevj
Subject:RE: Deluxe cam removal Date:Fri Feb 5 08:15:05 2010
Response to:2784

As I recall, there is a slot in the center cam bearing bore that allows clearance for the #3 exhaust cam lobe to pass when removing the cam with bearing. What I did on mine is turned on a lathe an adaptor to screw on to my slide hammer and on to the cam nut thread and "lightly" tapped the cam out after heating the case. Just be sure the #3 exhaust cam lobe is alagined with the slot in the bore. Otherwise the cam lobe will make its own slot.
Upon reassembly, what really should be done, depending on cam and bearing wear, is to have the cam ground and rehardened and to either make new cam bearings or to have the old ones reconditioned then line bore them in the case. I strongly recommend this. Many an engines loss of oil pressure can be attributed to nothing being done to cam bearings because the thought is that it turns half the speed so it has half the wear. As far as bearing reconditioning is concerned, someone like Rob Olesn may also have some good feedback.
I am in the process of tearing down a 1929 Henderson Deluxe engine for re-build. Last item for removal is camshaft. I heated the cases and removed front bushing, but center bushing is tight in case. I haven't heated it yet, but I got to thinking about alignment of the bearings upon going back together. Any advise or help appreciated.
John Weatherwax