From:Steve Ciccalone
Subject:RE: 29KJ for sale Date:Sat Dec 5 17:22:26 2009
Response to:2700
Mark, I'm sorry that your bike is for sale as I remember how enthusiastic you were about it. I decided to post as many people may be unfamiliar with Joe Gimpel and the absolute flawless quality of his work as Dr. Marty may also attest to. At the risk of embarassing Joe, it is certainly on par with Carl V, Irv Truax, Rob O and Mark Hill.

After much thought, I have come to sale my 29KJ. Building a retirement home in Oconee county S.C. in the mountains. Its either do a refinance on our house here in ga to get enough cash to complete the house, or sell some of my bikes. The KJ has matching case#s Mtr was just completed a complete rebuild by Joe Gimble in Daytona, Fl. He is the pres of the Sunshine chapt. The bike was together and running when I pulled the Motor out to have her rebuilt. Also mag have been restored. Was having a lot of issues with leaking oil, low compression, hard starting. I have not done any work to the rolling chassis. It could use a cosmetic restoration or just put the mtr in her and enjoy. There are pictures of her on this web site under my name, Mark Dowis Atlanta, ga Also have a 2 BMW m/c for sale Restored 1969 R69US and a original paint 1975 R90S Thankyou
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