From:Dave Molnar
Subject:Donations to the KJ exchange Date:Sat Oct 17 10:39:09 2009
Attention fellow KJ Exchange listers:

I was just flipping thru the many great pages of the KJ website and noticed that there has only been one donation to Dave all this year for all his hard work and money out of pocket to maintain this excellent website. I don't know how many people subscribe to the mailing list but I'm sure there are quite a few.

We all depend on this as a valuable source of information with its vast history of messages. Not only that but the ability for all of us to communicate with each other as a worldwide group is nothing short of incredible. Dave has worked quietly and tirelessly behind the scenes and pretty much thanklessly for a long time and spent PLENTY of his own money I'm sure. He should not only NEVER have to pay for this with his own money, but should actually MAKE A FEW BUCKS for his efforts or at least get back some of the money out since the beginning.

We are all out there throwing around thousands of dollars working on these wonderful Hendersons. Surely we can scrape up a few dollars to send Dave EVERY YEAR. This is so widely overlooked, myself included Shame on us all!

As an active member of this list:

1)I move that everyone should pay a small yearly voluntary membership fee for this purpose (minimum $25? - a pittance).

I further move to let October 17th be the official "KJ Exchange Membership Dues Day" EVERY YEAR.

Go to:

Paypal is waiting...

Thanks Dave for all you work. Here are my dues. Please never stop what you are doing.