From:Benjamin Binns e-mail:bbinns@kubota,
Subject:1918/19 Henderson and Excelsior rear hubs Date:Wed Sep 9 23:52:08 2009
Hi all, I have a question in regard to the rear hubs used on the Henderson and Excelsior in 1918 and 1919. Im led to believe that they used the same hub design as the Excelsiors, but I have also heard that the offset on the sprocket and/or the brake drum side is different.

The reason that I ask is that I now have 4 rear hubs/wheels for the restoration of my 1918 Excelsior, and ive found that some of them have different offset on the sprocket side.

Can anyone tell me if the 18/19 Excelsior and Henderson hubs are the same? The dimensional difference I have found is between the spoke flange and the edge that the drive sprocket buts up against.

I will remeasure tonight and list the exact difference.