From:Russell Hughes
Subject:RE: Test Message Date:Wed Sep 2 21:58:30 2009
Response to:2569

Thomas, 5 to 6 years ago I called you several times needing to purchase some seat hardware for my KJ bike. During one of the early conversations I mensioned that I was thinking about reproducing the 1938 to 42 Indian 4 engine cases. I stated that it was a project that I felt I would not do because I was running short on modivation at the time. During a later conversation I said that I probably would try the Indian project after all. It was then that you became upset with me because as you said about me "you are doing contrary to what you said you would do". Thom I do not disagree with your statement about what I said!
You explained to me that you were in the process of manufacturing Indian 4 engine cases. The source of your frustration was because I said that I was not going to make them. Life went on.
Thom the years have past and I now have frame and parts that need engine cases, I have not productively worked on my the Indian 4 case project because you said you were doing them. Actually you said "this will be my contribution to the hobby".
So Thomas I would like the following answered please: Total cost, down payment, estimate of time from payment to delivery, carrier name, shipping container(reused box or do you make for each set of cases), what items do I need to send you from my engine?, material type and fit at assembly items. I and many others appreciate your effort in this need.

The seat hardware you sold me was of excellant quality and worked well, I will be happy to have the same quality on your engine cases. Russell

Just trying to see if my computer will post this trial.
Thomas Fickau