From:Dave Molnar
Subject:KJ Fork width Date:Tue Aug 18 15:09:12 2009
Hi again everyone,

I need to make sure the bottom width of the main fork is correct. I wonder if anyone can tell me either: what the outside to outside distance of the flats at the ends of the KJ forks are supposed to be OR what is the total stacked height of the front wheel's quill and all spacers (I could measure my rockers and figure out the fork width that way). I do not have a Henderson front wheel (Iwish I did) Right now the outside to outside measurment right at the tips is 6.769. They do appear to be straight and the rocker studs look in line pretty good. Maybe I'm being too fussy but it makes sense to me that with a leading link rig, the more out of line and binding those rocker bushings are, the faster things are going to wear and create a dreaded tank slapper. Thanks so much for the help so far!