From:Mark Hill
Subject:RE: RE: KJ's in Tiffin Date:Sun Aug 16 22:50:07 2009
Response to:2549

That sounds like the guy,somebody said he was haveing bottom end problems. I did not catch the whole conversation, to bad though. Not to change the subject but, I rode a bike the other day with the new trans gears in it. She shifts smooth you will not be disapointed.

I had a Mr. Theirer call me recently...I think that was his name. He was building or having an engine built and anticipating riding soon after a long restoration but he was looking for bottom end parts. I hope that was not the one that died because he would have not had a chance to ride. Do you have more information? Russell.

Hey Folks - Just got back from the Indian Four Club meet in Tiffin, Ohio. Lots of Indians, of course. However, there were 3 KJ's. Dr. William Boutelle had his great burgundy and cream KJ there, as did Drew Crafton and his Dad. Drew's bike was used as an auto parts hauler with a side car around the Indianapolis area. A true old warrior and a great bike to see. Frank Westfall upped everybody by riding his KJ from Syracuse, NY to the Four meet, probably around 550 miles. Great to see. Dick Winger had his 1915 also there. Those were the 4 Hens there. I almost loaded mine at the last minute but we were full. I met some great people at the Four meet. In particular, John and Betty Theirer (hope I got the spelling correct). Betty got up and spoke eloquently at the Four banquet. Apparently, John's brother, a Henderson man, had passed away three days prior. It was a tough weekend for them. The moral of the story is life is finite - get out on your four and ride. That's where I'm headed right now.
Best, Mark