From:chris gielis perth west aust
Subject:RE: Excelsior guards - AneteSaar- Christian Timmerman Date:Mon Jul 27 11:02:01 2009
Response to:1921
hello ian i also was bitten by this jerk.sending emails since nov 07 valued indian part,ebay us$355+freight.last i heard,he was sending another.ive had a birthday since an learn i spose.pity i dont live closer.regards chris.


I just saw a post regarding Excelsior guards from in Berlin Germany.

I have had most unsatisfactory dealings with this man, whose name is Christian Timmerman, and I would just like to post this warning to group members.

I sent money via paypal for some parts that never arrived. Over the next eight months I had numerous emails and phone calls, but the parts never arrived. You would not believe the excuses that he made. He is just a liar!

It was not until I found a dealer here that new him, and he applied some pressure, that I got my cash back. And then he did not send it, it came from someone else in the USA.Very strange dealings to say the least.

So be warned. If you do business with him be very sure that the deal will work. I suggest using an escrow service.

Check out his eBay feedback! He trades as Franklinsghost!


Ian Donaldson.