From:Russell Hughes
Subject:RE: Cylinder Fin Date:Sun Jul 26 23:36:49 2009
Response to:2504
Luke you might try this easy way that I use but remember I'm considered a bit of an outcast & unorthodox never the less all 13 of my patches have worked without fail for 7+ years.
Locate someone that collects antique hit and miss gas engines, you may be one of these collectors. Often these guys have parts to old aircooled Delco Light Generating Plants, they are plentyful and not considered very valuable. Sorry but I have used all of mine.
Carefully cut the fins from the cylinder head, as close to the fin root as possible. The Delco fins have draft for casting but are generally the same thickness as the henderson fins. Cut and shape the Delco fin to fit exactly into the missing Henderson fin pocket. Now the hard part. After you have gently heated the Henderson cylinder all over ~ 250 degrees, I spit on it and when it sizzles it's ready.
Take your common flux coated brazing 1/8" rod and simply braze in the new part at the joint! I clamp the fin in with needle nose vise grips and tack each end before removing. After brazing bury and allow the cylinder to cool in a small box of sand for a few hours and you are ready to dress the braze with a small disk sander or file then blast and paint.
I tend to be simple so I'm sure there are many better ways. Russell
Has anyone had experience repairing chipped cast Henderson cylinder fins? Any repair idea's appreciated.

Thanks Luke