From:Rob Olsen
Subject:RE: crankshafts Date:Sun Jul 26 09:01:11 2009
Response to:2513
Hi Gary,

No different to the crank grinder than any other crank.
The hardening goes no more than about .030 deep (sometimes less) in the stock 1.250 journal. Any smaller and I nitride. I'm not fussy about going under 1.175. Make sure you magnaflux

Tell the grinder not to remove any more than is necessary to clean them up. And make all the mains the same size and the rod journals the same size. Both Rod and mains can be different sizes but each one should be the same for ease of align boring. Its far easier to run the boring bar straight through than have to stop and adjust for different sizes.
Have him just kiss the fillets to clean up as well so they don't widen the journal too much.

While he's at it have the grinder touch up the snout on the end and the flange surfaces for square.

Press the gear off, Sometimes it takes a fair amount of pressure. Don't heat the gear much more than very warm.


Is there anything different about turning a KJ crankshaft
as opposed to any other? What's the smallest size(s)
the journals can be turned to and still be useable? How
do I get the gear off the front? Do I need a special tool?