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Thanks for the info. I'm in the process of finishing a Bonneville roadster, and then I plan on going thru the Henderson. It will be interesting to see inside. I will let you know what I find!


You could very well have a 1929 Deluxe as I have a brochure that shows the 1929 De Hen and X. The X is not a streamline but a carried over '28. Years ago Mort Wood briefly owned a '29 Deluxe that I looked at several times. I also have a crate board from a Henderson that came from Bill Sheetinger's shop in Bridgeport, CT. Bill was the top dealer in CT supplying the CT State Police(they had more than 100 Hens in service annually). What is interesting about this particular board is that its marked Deluxe on one end with the engine number below it "# KJ 29449." To me, this is some evidence that Deluxe bikes could have been built with five main bottom ends. Jay's bike was this way. I suppose that early on the original bottom end could have blown and replaced with a KJ but it looked like the real deal to me. Jay knew the man that owned the bike, I believe from new, and was adament that it was the original engine.

Remember, the serial numbers list came from Ballock and not Excelsior so it may not be accurate. Enjoy your bike!

yes, correct

Thanks so much. I assume that carb # T4X to be a Zenith, correct?

T4X is the correct carb.

I've only had the opportunity to see 1 29 DeLuxe upper case before.
Zanetti also owned a 29 DeLuxe but I didn't get an opportunity to peak inside.

The difference is the DeLuxe had a 3 bearing main, and the new KJ engine case castings were probably used when the old DeLuxe castings ran out. The KJ castings were 5 bearing of course.

I can only assume its possible that Schwinn wanted to use up the last of the DeLuxe stock before introducing the new KJ model.

Some people feel that a late 28/29 DeLuxe 5 bearing may not be legit.

Steve C, may be one of the best people to add info to this. I'm sure he's done some research on it.


When I purchased this bike, I was told by previous owner it was a 1929. I've had several people comment that 1928 was the last year of the Deluxe Henderson, and I have questioned whether my bike is a '28 or '29. My engine number is D28441, which goes beyond seriel number references for a Deluxe. I did find something interesting the other day in the book the "Golden Age of the Fours" by T.A. Hodgdon. On page 55, it shows a Deluxe Henderson with the following text, "Larger tires (27 x 4.00) and valanced front fenders were featured improvements on 1929 Henderson Deluxe. Instrument cluster, with 100 MPH sdeedo, light switches, ammeter and oil gauge were carried over from previous model. Standard color was Henderson Blue with cream wheels, but maroon or grass green was optional at no extra cost. Price was $435 f.o.b. Chicago. Reverse gear was an optional extra at $25.
This model, introduced in September, 1928, was produced as shown until it was superseded by the mid-year announcement of new streamline KJ model, which was unveiled in spring of 1929".
I hope I'm not opening a can of worms, as I appreciate any info and assistance on this bike.
John Weatherwax
P.S.-Mark/Marty, would still appreciate possible carb types used.
Mark, he said Deluxe, not KJ. Didn't the 29 Deluxe still have the earlier style manifold and carb? The DLX70 is definately 29KJ. Marty

It should be a schebler DLX 70 (Brass) two flange on early 29's and later a DLX 76(pot metal)two flange on later machines. Hope this helps. Check out post 2289 on this page I have adapter plates in stock to convert to the more common three flange carb set up.


Could someone tell me what the correct carburator would be for 1929 Henderson Deluxe four cyclinder?