From:Russell Hughes
Subject:RE: Darth Vader Date:Mon Jun 22 19:17:35 2009
Response to:2454
Glad to see some new material to work with. Lucky you!

Thought you guys might enjoy this. I know this is primarily a Henderson site, but just think of it as right church, wrong pew. My friend, Byrne Bramwell, in the Spring of 2007, purchased a frame, front end and wheels at Oley. Plan was to build a road run bike. We looked and looked for suitable crank cases but could find none. We ended up purchasing new raw castings that were made by the late Vernon Harris from Heyworth, Il. Tom Wilcox had secured Vernon's castings. Some of you may have seen or heard of the kick a poo castings. They are massively overbuilt. I got the first 3 raw castings a little less than a year ago. I've been told that there may be some new Indian 4 crankcases running around Australia actually in bikes and running. I can tell you that within the next 3 days, one of Byrne's kick a poo's will be up and running. Other than the crankcases being overbuilt, here's what special about this particular engine. The crankshaft has been crossdrilled and nitrided. There is no babbit in this motor anywhere. The rods are Carrillo H beams riding on Michigan Clevite 77 tri metal bearings. A blue printed oil pump with Ken Young gears supply the oil, .030 oil cannons (oil jets)aim a stream of oil in the direction of major thrust in the engine and also shower the Ross slipper skirt forged pistons. The entire rotating assembly has been dynamically balanced. The oil is cooled and filtered through the front timer cover. As the project nears completion. My older son, Loring, commented that the motorcycle looked mean sitting there on the lift. He suggested we name it Darth Vader for Byrne. Rise, Lord Vader.