From:ronald mattson
Subject:RE: RE: rear fender mount Date:Sat Jun 13 23:59:27 2009
Response to:2437
thanks, that make since so you can tighten the rack supports with out having to much pressure on the frame tabs. so would the long bolt have a spacer so you can tighten it up or no spacer a caskle nut & cotter key so it will swivel. Ron sorry about my earlier spelling
The threaded coupling was only used with a rear luggage rack. If you don't have a luggage rack on your bike the rear fender is mounted with a single long bolt ... Perry

I have a 1929 Henderson the rear fender on mine has two bolts with nuts holding the fender to the frame just behind the seat. I have seen a threaded coupling that looks like 9/16 hex turned down on the ends round between the frame tabs with bolts holding the fender. Would any body have a picture of what should be there, or how to make the right pieces thanks