From:Russell Hughes
Subject:RE: KJ tappet guides Date:Fri Jun 5 23:11:57 2009
Response to:2422

I guess college has some value after all, in my senior year of an M.E. I had a nasty thermodynamics class that required a paper on a very similar set of conditions. First, as I see it the vertical groove is for oil return, the circumferential groove is a well. Given that the air high pressure side of the guide is to the front and low to the back and based on some experience with diffential equations also knowing you trade velocity for pressure and pressure for velocity except for possibly in N.H., placing the verital groove to each front side should help push oil back down the lifter guide. At least it works that way in some areas of the country but as the diet commercials state, results may not be typical.

Can somebody out there explain the reason for the grove that runs the length of the bore of the tappet guides,
and do they need to be installed in the case in a
certain position ? Thanks Ed