From:Ed Mitzner
Subject:RE: Re KJ (and DeLuxe) Tappet Guides Date:Mon May 18 21:21:28 2009
Response to:2423

Thanks Nick I'm not using baffle plates and i'm getting
a little oil pumping over the top of a couple of guides
and running down onto the case . Do you have any answers ?
My guides and tappets are not sloppy ,just fitted new
oversized tappets to my rehoned guides . Ed

Hi Ed, I have always assumed that the vertical groove in the tappet guide is to allow the crankcase pressure to push some oil up through the tappet guide so that it won't run dry. On a long run the circular groove at the top of the tappet guide would become full of oil and keep everything nicely lubricated. If you are still using crankcase baffle plates then I don't think it will matter what position the grooves are in when you fit the tappet guides to the crankcase as there won't be a direct spray of oil from the crankshaft bearings. Perhaps someone else would like to comment on this..........Nick Mulcahy.