From:Gene Harper
Subject:RE: sidecar I D Date:Fri Mar 6 00:17:17 2009
Response to:2382


This is definetly a Flxi sidecar. It is a "semi rigid" chassis, something between a full flxi and a rigid. the upper brace is a spring that allows some movement and the lower mounts will allow pivoting, maybe an inch or two. The body style is Flxi as well, one of many. The fender looks like X as does the body. Keep in mind, Flxi built sidecars for Excelsior, Henderson and Indian up to 1923 or 4. It would certainly be correct for a late teens or early 20's X or Henderson, if the frame fits. The key is the distance between the front and rear mounts, they need to line up with the mounting lugs on the frame, so a Henderson sidecar chassis is longer than an X.

Gene Harper

heres a picture of the body. thanks steve