From:Gene Harper
Subject:RE: FLXI SIDECAR PARTS AND INFO NEEDED Date:Sun Feb 8 23:54:50 2009
Response to:2352

Contact Bob Jones in Ohio:

He makes very nice repro Flxi Speedster bodies (Indian Princess too) and has fender blanks, possibly braces too. He may also be able to fabricate the mounts for you, he has some originals for patterns. In fact, he is working on a complete repro. full Flxi chassis.

Michael Lange sold a nice Flxi chassis at Davenport a few years ago, I measured it and it was for a Henderson. Perhaps you could contact him and find out where it went, then get good measurments from the new owner.

Gene Harper, (frustrated X and Flxi owner!!)

Can anybody provide good images and hopefully dimensions of a full flxi
chassis so I can repair my butchered axle and make missing parts and figure out
how to hook it up to a Deluxe Henderson? Will pay. Also interested in a
suitable tub and fender etc. doesn't have to be correct , just look cool from the