From:Russell Hughes
Subject:RE: RE: motor numbers question Date:Sun Feb 8 20:53:44 2009
Response to:2354

My lists of serials shows several KJ35xxx's and at least one 36xxx as 1930.
The KJ86247 seems high. Could it be 36247?

------------- Bob Turek

My brother and I have 2- 5main motors. One has the number KJ35302(casting
date:3-5-30), and the other, which is in a frame and hard to read looks like
KJ86247(casting date: 8-11-30). The title for the KJ35302 has 1930 as the
model year. According to the numbers on the exchange there are lower
numbers in 31. Am I missing something or has someone messed up the title
along the way.
A. Chris Gans
PS. Being in the foundry pattern business I am aware that casting dates mean
very little as casting production usually predates finished product by anywhere
from 1 week to as much as three years.

Being in the foundry pattern bussiness also I concur with the "casting dates mean very little".
I beleive or think I know what the small rectangular boss is on the kicker side of the uppercase flywheel area where the pan flange is. It is ~ 1/4" x 1-1/4" What are your thoughts?