From:Rob Olsen
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: crankshaft end play Date:Thu Jan 22 11:46:45 2009
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Hi Steve,
We understand what you mean, "next to nothing" is one of those British measurements that require an odd set of tools :)

In North America we apporoximate a fine measurement or next to nothing as an RCH.

I am familiar with the service shot and have always wondered why the factory thought that going from .005 to .020 is considered acceptable wear in such a short time.

All the best


Hi All. Always interested in other people's opinions - and I have every respect for Rob's knowledge on these things. I agree with Rob in that, after a little running, the endplay will increase and then settle down. Hence my offer of 'Nothing' as the amount of endplay but maybe I should ammend it to read 'Next to nothing' - it would agree with Rob's advice then. My opinion was based on long conversations with two independant 'four' builders who live/work relatively close to me, both with years of experience and a significant number of Henderson, Ace and Indian rebuilds betwen them. One said 'nothing - but must be revolve freely', the other said '1 thou'. I guess we are all more or less on the same wavelength.

I've never seen any reference to clearance figures in Henderson data (please let me know if anyone out there knows of any) but, just as a bit of mischief, I attach a scan of the 'official' version from the Jan 20 1928 Indian Service Shot - 'Overhauling the Ace Motor'....

Always enjoy these threads - many thanks to everyone who contributes. Steve


.001 to.002 is correct. But make sure you spin the crank by hand and feel if you have any binding. If you do, you have a problem. I prefer to go on the tigher side to start and let my fingers tell me.
Having said that, even if you set it at .002, the end play will end up where ever the engine feels comfortable. It may go to .003 or even more. You are far better off with loose than tight with these engines.
I guarentee that it will open up within about 500 miles.


You may want to check with Rob Olsen, but .002 is what comes to mind. Can't remember if that was Rob's recommendation when my motor was built, or if we got that from a hen bulletin.

Hello , what is the correct end play on Henderson motors ?? would there be any difference on early motors or would all "fours" be the same ? Thanks , Ken