From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: crankshaft end play Date:Mon Jan 19 07:19:01 2009
Response to:2327
Hi Ken
(Next to) Nothing. The crank needs to be free to turn (obviously) but with no perceptible end play.
The service bulletin says 'Face of teeth (on bevel gears) must be flush with 0.004 to 0.006 back-lash'. If you put a clock on a large bevel gear tooth to measure this, it is surprising how little the crank needs to move to take up the play. It would be impossible to maintain 4 to 6 thou backlash if the two gears are able to move axially by anything other than very small amounts. The service sheet also says 'Use shim K2734 to take up play in crank shaft' - as no dimensions are give I take this to mean '... take up ALL play in crank shaft'.
I would recommend making the two shims to suit your engine so that they are in one piece - much better than a pile of shims.

The crank is only located by the bearings each side of the flywheel - the other main bearings have no shoulder thrust faces so the crank is free to move in a longitudinal direction to cope with expansion/contraction of the crank and/or case

I think this is what caused the problem with my engine last year - I had too much end float...

Hope the attached helps.

Hello , what is the correct end play on Henderson motors ?? would there be any difference on early motors or would all "fours" be the same ? Thanks , Ken