From:A. Chris Gans
Subject:RE: '28 front fender Date:Sun Jan 18 13:07:40 2009
Response to:2309
Could someone post pics of the difference in the fenders and years? when did they go to the wide front fender? Did the rear stay the same? I have scoured many photos and it is hard to tell the difference. My brother and I have a "29" and two "30's". The 29 was my dads and the 30's were parts bikes with no fenders or battery boxes or chain guards and missing many other parts. My dads is now my brothers as he is the older and my dad has been gone for almost 30 years. Mine will be a combination of the best parts of the other two. When my dad was alive we picked up a set of fenders. They (I believe) are earlier than 30 as they have the fork holes widened out from the sides.

Hi All,

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I want to take a moment and thank the KJ exchange and Steve in Seattle for helping me to aquire the Henderson Restoral Society stuff I was looking for. I am very happy with my set copies. They do contain lots of great tips that I just knew were going to be there.

The important part:

Since I did not get one under the tree, I have my fingers crossed to find a '28 front fender. It could be usable or even sample condition. I suppose that a KJ one would fit right on but I have heard that they are slightly different. I would be thrilled with anything that will work. Any help to locate one of these babies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.