From:Christian Henn
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Deluxe Tank Date:Sun Jan 4 09:55:07 2009
Response to:2152

The guy with the nickname Pat is Patrick James from California.He currently tries to spoil my name in the old bike community for reasons unknown to me.These are the facts:
1.I never sold anything to Patrick James and never will.I only deal with gentlemen.
2.My Henderson tanks are spot on and come with a garanty.Unlike guys like James I have a registered company.

I notice that quite a few people on this board are my customers.Some of them bought tanks of me and might confirm that I tell the truth.If anybody is interested:

I used a friends powder coating oven melted all soldier out worked well I also found out it worked well on getting the old por-15 out as well. gelomans (Chirstian Henn} tanks do not fit tried that one they were made wrong I sold mine to the late Mike smith he said the same thing all wrong.they also used the wrong thread pattern on the first ones waste of time cheaper to have one made localy for about 1500

The pop rivets were somebody's fix in the past. I would drill out the pop rivets and then using either a small propane torch or large electric soldering iron melt a small area of the solder in the seam and then with an air nozzle blow the melted solder out of the joint. Work your way around the joint until the tank comes apart. Make sure there are no gasoline fumes in the tank before starting.
A friend has a bad Deluxe short tank. He wonders how to take it apart since it has apparently many many pop rivets and also soldered joints.

Has anyone gone throught the disassembly process?

Is anyone making Deluxe short tanks?

Does anyone have one they could part with?

Email me at indnrdr@yahoo and I'll get you in touch with my friend