Subject:RE: RE: RE: 1925 on ebay Date:Fri Dec 26 22:21:09 2008
Response to:2279
Watch out Seller is a bit of a flake. I contacted seller of Cleveland via phone concerning a bike that was in a back ground photo last time these two and a 36 Knuckl where offered. He never got back to me on pricing or anything else. I advised him I wanted to come to see the bikes at his location , thats when the information flow stopped.
Very fishy. If you cant put your hands on it and take it with you the same day , better beware. That Cleveland doesnt look right.

I agree looks funny even the paint is bad! One sold last year for $200k in europe though this one looks like about a $70k tops bike. And on the Henderson I want that much as well! Where am I when people get huge dollars for junk? when I sell I get rolls of penney's.

Makes you wonder whether it's legitimate or whether a seller has 2 friends who placed high bids knowing the seller's reserve was higher yet. Hmmmmmmm.

Same goes for the Cleveland Four at eBay 290284350577.