From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: oil pressure gauge Date:Fri Dec 19 06:08:35 2008
Response to:2227
Hi Gorm
Oil pressure gauges - hmmm.....
I thought I'd be able to make a new face and fit to a new gauge. I researched new gauges and found that back entry gauges were common enough but the pivot for the needle was always in the centre of the gauge - not offset towards the bottom as on the original US Gauge Co versions. The K used a 0-20psi range, this changed to 0-50 and then 0-75psi through the Deluxe/KJ years. So I searched for any gauge which had a pivot where I wanted and any range provided that the 0-20psi part of the range covered the correct sort of arc. Not easy. But there was no rush - there were plenty of other things to be getting on with. Then, on eBay, I found the gauge shown in the first picture. Not very inspiring you might think but the seller included a second picture with the bezel removed - and there was the US Gauge Co logo!!! The seller had no idea what the gauge was originally fitted to and there was no mention of Henderson in the listing - so I kept quiet and won it - really cheap. Don't want to upset anyone but the shipping came to more than the price of the gauge....It tested out OK so all I did was make a new bezel and it came out as shown in the second photo. OK, 0-50psi (early DeLuke range) when it should have been 0-20psi (K range) but it was the best I could do at the time. Unfortunately, it wasn't easy to see with a quick glance while riding and so I continued my search for a replacement. Then, on eBay again, I found the gauge shown in the third picture. Still not the right one but the 0-30 range over the 270 degree needle movement makes it very easy to read while on the move - and at least it's the right manufacturer! My advice is forget anything labelled 'Henderson Oil Gauge' - they go for silly money. Look around for 'unknown application' gauges and you might just strike lucky!

You might be interested in an extract from the K Rider's Manual:
'Quite frequently there is no pressure shown at very low motor speed but the gauge should show a pressure of five to eight pounds after oil is thoroughly heated and throttle is open'
No pressure? - that would be worrying! But I get this sort of pressure at tick over speeds - even with the engine warm (or should that be 'hot'?) Once on the move with the throttle open the gauge shows between 15-25psi depending on revs. Moral of this last bit? Fit a Rob Olsen modified oil pump! Well worth it!
Happy searching - Steve
PS - Sorry, the 0-50 psi gauge has already been passed on to another Hen owner

Does any have a name on a usable, functional, interchangeable oil pressure gauge for Henderson K.
Or do you have an extra working sample?