From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: RE: Norwegian Henderson oddities - patch on top of g-box Date:Fri Dec 19 04:21:19 2008
Response to:2255
I don't know for sure but is this the area where the sprue* was located? (Any ideas Russell?) I have seen several cases which show signs of being attacked with an angke grinder in this area. Maybe somone got too enthusiastic and took off more than they should. Having said that, I guess the factory would have welded on reinforcement rather than bolt on a patch. Steve
Another pic

Having followed the K threads with great interest I would like some help with a friends De-luxe 1922, engine number D 1876.

This have the later type De-luxe seat mount plate, but the plate is fitted with the K style trough frame bolts. It seems there have never been any U clamps used as there is no mark on the frame that indicates this even if there are holes in the plate for the u-bolts, there is neither marks in the plate from where the u-clamp nut would have been.

OK, then there is a strange little aluminium piece screwed onto the upper case to strengthen it in the area between flywheel and gearbox. This have a very nice fit and does not at all look like home made even if there is no part number casted in it. Have anyone ever seen this before? Was this a mod that where common practice in the old days?

There is also another thing wrong according to the De-luxe parts list. There is the K style little cover for the gear shaft on the upper case. This is not supposed to be there on De-luxes as far as I know?

Finally one question regarding my 1927 De-luxe. This have had the a priming cup on the inlet manifold which I admit could easily have been a owner mod. It does have a mod that is more advanced to the manifold though, there are three studs in the manifold cast, to where a stylish little cover is attached. See enclosed photo. Is this some known periodic accessory?