From:Russell Hughes
Subject:RE: K exhaust Date:Thu Dec 18 20:08:16 2008
Response to:2242
Evan, my interest is in the unusual oil pick up on your pan. Typically this location is on the other side because the bike leans that way while on the stand and you don't want to create a starvation issue.
Some unusual conditions would have been present to mandate and or justify this deviation from industry standard. This also requires a different pick up pipe.
If this was intentional by design there may be remains of an extruded "cored" boss that is above flush to provide a machinable surface for the pick up pipe to seal against however in the case of the KJ/Delux pans this boss was so insignificant this machined area commonly ends up being below flush. Additionally I would have expected the area to be closer to the pan bottom.

So does this look like an aftermarket adaptation?

Identification: Factory intended, if you have had the pan off you will notice where the oil screen protrudes through an increase in wall thickness on the pan inside as well as possibly no coring for oil pick up on the other.
Inquiring minds or mind would like to know since I have a thing for old motorcycle castings.

Here you go.

Hope this helps!!!