From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: K exhaust Date:Thu Dec 18 04:31:29 2008
Response to:2242
Wow Evan - what a great picture! The 1918-23 Parts book lists 'K1779 - Carburettor flange bolt to manifold, 1920, long, 5/16 x 24' and 'Carburettor flange bolt to manifold, 1921, short' so this picture obviously shows the 1920 manifold where the bolts are much, much longer - long enough to go right through from the top of the manifold! Also has the priming cup on top of the manifold. A couple of other interesting observations. The carb linkage is on the outside of the carb rather than on the cylinder side and have a look at where the oil pipe pickup is located.... opposite side of crankcase to most. On the sectional line drawing in the parts list, the oil pickup pipe is shown on the front of the crankcase below the oil pump with a long strainer on the inside running towards the rear of the engine. Anyone got a crankcase like this? If so, that would make three varieties of lower crankcase half - only one part number though - K1100 - which happens to be the same number as that in the DeLuxe parts list......Steve
Here you go.

Hope this helps!!!