From:Sverre K. Gerber e-mail:sve***
Subject:RE: oil pressure gauge Date:Tue Dec 16 13:57:49 2008
Response to:2227
The original one is made by US Gauge co and its range is changing depending on the Hendersons year of manufacture.
It would be recomended to improve the oil pump capasity to improve flow and cooling. Rob Olsen does this oilpump rebuild. The US Gauge co oilgauges where used by loads of cars and stuff. I have used the internal gauge parts with the correct reading from a car and added a replica face plate.
I wouldnt think there was to much trouble in making a new gauge housing , maybe except from the beezel.

Have some parts for meassuring purposes.


Does any have a name on a usable, functional, interchangeable oil pressure gauge for Henderson K.
Or do you have an extra working sample?