From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: exhaust for K 1920 Date:Sun Dec 14 06:22:15 2008
Response to:2224
Hello Gorm
The 20/21 Henderson exhausts didn't have the long downpipes - they didn't come in until the width of the frame was increased and the motor fitted on forgings rather than fitted with bolts doing through the frame tube iteself. Model K's were fitted with a cast iron manifold which tucked in under the carburettor. Early 1920 machines had circular flanges onto the cylinders but quickly changed to oval flanges similar to those on the later DeLuxe. But note that the stud spacing on the K's was less that the DeLuxe so manifolds/cylinders are not interchangeable inless you swap the whole lot (including inlet manifold and carb!) Hope the picture helps

Looking for drawings, pictures for exhaust profile for Henderson 1920. The sales brochures 4 tubes going down must have a very close passage betwin frame and engine. Looking forward to have profile for those - trying to make repros.
Thank you.