Subject:Early Deluxe Linkage Question Date:Thu Nov 20 08:29:35 2008
Deluxe Owners and Experts(PR, SC, etc...),
Does anyone have the set-up for the clutch pedal "hold down" linkage with the left grip? A good picture? A very simalar set-up is used on the 1915?-19 Excelsiors.
For those not familiar, the loop on your Deluxe handlbars left of center, is used for the shaft of the linkage from the left grip. There are frame bosses on the left neck and down tube for pivot arms, and the clutch pedal has no tab for the shifter lever from tank to hold the clutch. Instead, the pedal has a barrel mounted to the side for a shaft which goes to the linkage from the left grip. With this set-up, the rider can disengage the clutch pedal and hold it down with the left grip, then, twist the grip and the clutch pedal engages and off you go. The mag adv/ret is controlled by a lever on the tank, like 'teens Excelsiors.
I have most of the pieces, I think, and my frame and pedal have the necessary requirements. I am not sure I have the correct neck lever, maybe it is not like the Excelsiors, because the forks are different?
Any help, pictures, etc. appreciated.