From:Steve Marks
Subject:RE: K J engine stand Date:Mon Oct 20 09:23:50 2008
Response to:2170
Hi Ed
I made mine out of 3/4" plywood. Don't have a picture of the stand by itself but this picture might give you the general idea. The vertical plywood is cut with a jig saw to match the contours of the case. Note that there is a double layer at the front. This is the easiest way of providing a step to act as a stop when the case is pulled backwards. Note that the rear upright is not in the middle of the flywheel housing. This is deliberate so that the flyweel blanking plug projects in front of the upright. A loose piece of wood can then be placed against the blanking plug and clamped to the upright with a small G clamp (not visible in this photo). This effectively pulls the crankcase back against the step on the front upright locking the case to the stand making it a resonably solid arrangement. The rest of the dimensions were chosen to ensure that the case would fit on the stand with the cylinders and manifolds in place if required. The front is also clear so that the timing gears can be worked on. The stand was knocked up very quickly and has paid for itself over and over again by making working on the engine so easy!
This type of stand is not necessary with the Ace/Indian of course because they have the engine mounting holes in the upper crankcase half. All that's required here is four long rods, threaded and bolted to the crankcase bolts. They can be reversed to turn the enging up the other way. The same idea can be used to hold the Henderson case once the pan is fitted but do be careful - there is a lot of leverage on these rods and if the rod receives a knock for any reason, it could break off a crankcase lug....
Hope this helps but always keen to see what others use. Steve

Do's any body out there have picture's or plan's for an engine stand that will hold the crankcase and cyclinders and allow you to work on the engine upside down
with the oil pan off. Thank's for the help Ed