From:Tom Wilcock
Subject:RE: Deluxe Tank Date:Tue Sep 9 07:57:53 2008
Response to:2142
The pop rivets are someone's attempt at a repair in the past. First drill out the pop rivets and then with either a large electric soldering iron or small propane torch melt a small area of solder in the seam. Give it a blast of air from an air nozzle to blow the melted solder out of the joint. Work your way around the seam until the tank comes apart. Make sure there are no gasoline fumes in the tank before starting and be sure to wear a face shield.

A friend has a bad Deluxe short tank. He wonders how to take it apart since it has apparently many many pop rivets and also soldered joints.

Has anyone gone throught the disassembly process?

Is anyone making Deluxe short tanks?

Does anyone have one they could part with?

Email me at indnrdr@yahoo and I'll get you in touch with my friend