From:Marcin Okla-Anuszewski
Subject:Few KJ questions Date:Sat Aug 9 08:03:40 2008
Hi Guys

1- can anyone post pic of oil level gauge which should be located on crankcase?
I cant see it on pics but it is listed in sales brochures

2- what colours were available in '29? only blue or burgundy also? mayby others?

3- where to find decals for KJ?

4- were engine cases painted ? or bare?
if painted , on bike colour or black?
I see on pics each option
but in sales brochure its painted in blue along with bike

5- where to get correct rim(bezel) and glass for baby bulet headlight?

6- oh and stupid question - is correct carb avail anywhere for less than I can sell my kidney?:)

thanks in advance