From:Tom Wilcock
Subject:RE: Events in and around Toronto? Date:Wed Aug 6 09:03:10 2008
Response to:2117
I am about 3/4 hour outside of Toronto. You are welcome to come for a visit and see my toys. There is an auto museum near me that has many unusual early vehicles. They even have a KJ and several very early Rolls Royces. I will be leaving for Davenport the evening of Aug. 26. It is 12 hours of non stop driving and worth every minute of it. Hope we can meet up. Email me for directions. Tom

Hi Guys
We are having a family holiday in Toronto arriving on the 18th for two weeks. There will be a big crowd of us so I'll need to escape for a while :-)
Anyone know of any motorcycle/transport related places in the area worth a visit? Any swap meets perhaps?
Thanks in advance - Steve