From:art morra
Subject:RE: meet at wauseon Date:Mon Jul 21 07:39:41 2008
Response to:1943

HI Luke My pleasure in meeting you. Thanks for the picture of Carol's shop.I
met him a few years ago. He was very smart and helpful. Art Morra
Hello All,

About six months ago i purchased my first Henderson project. The first
person i called was Carl Vandre. He's been a huge help with my restoration. I
was fortunate enough to spend three days with him on December 17-19. Not
sure if it was the simple fact that both of us grew up on farms in Wisconsin,
or the generation that he comes from, but Carl and Dorthey welcomed me
like family. Carl taught me more about Hendersons in those short three days
then i would learn over the next 30 years, along with that he through in a few
of his life stories. I've included a photo of Carl boring out my 27 deluxe
cylinders at his small, but quaint shop. Will have a beer or two at Davenport
this year in memory of Carl Vandre.

Sadly missed,