From:Christer Ellburg
Subject:RE: Super X output sprocket Date:Thu Jun 26 07:06:57 2008
Response to:2083

I think an Indian front sprocket will work just fine on your SX. I will try it myself. The splines (the projectning parts of the sprocket) however by measuring are a bit wide and need adjustment to fit. In my case they are 6,64 mm (0.261) but should be 6,13 mm (0.241. Although they appear to be correctly centered, so letīs do some job with the file!
Adding a tooth on the front sprocket could be advisable, but the outcome greatly depends on the amount of teeth on the rear sprocket. The less there the bigger the difference. The formula for high gear is the rear sprocket divided with the front one multiplicated with 2.56.
On my former SX (now in the good possession of Mr. Florian Gsottbauer) I had 40-20 = 5.12. The bike was snappy and I had no problems attaining top end speed exceeding 70 m/h.
SX manual suggests 18-31 = 4.4 for lighter service.
This time however with my new project I will try 19-31 = 4.17. My Indian and Harley buddies really will have to eat my dust!
Wish you the same success and satisfaction!