From:Kevin Linville
Subject:RE: Generator pulley alignment Date:Sat Apr 12 18:58:37 2008
Response to:2015
Hello Art,

I had the same problem... What I did was have a new pulley made that had a deeper offset (thanks John for that item). Then I added a spacer (see picture). After doing all that the belt lined up properly. But the real cause of the problem might be the oil pan bosses (I've go a Deluxe pan) could be a little shorter on the exhaust side causing the engine to "lean" to one side. Pulling the DU7 closer to the down tube. Maybe someone with a DU7 that fits nicely could give a measurements between the down tube and a reference point near the top of the engine to see if in fact our engines are rotated/tilted to one side. On another note... I to have a repop mount.