From:graeme staples
Subject:RE: Schebler Carbs For Deluxes Date:Wed Apr 2 00:22:03 2008
Response to:1166

hi, i have one of these carbs and interested on any info you may find.
graeme staples
new zealand
This is in response to Harold's question about the Schebler carb on his Deluxe. Interestingly, I had a conversation a few days ago about the same thing with Ian Davidson.

After the Deluxe's introduction, Schebler apparently produced an updraft carb as a replacement for the T4X. The initial model was a DLX 28 and was superceded by the DLX 33. There apparently was a third version as well but the number escapes me. Mort Wood had one of these on a '28 Deluxe. Both of these carbs have an alloy body that I think is aluminum, they are not pot metal, as I have several that have been welded and polished. The bowls were plated brass. I am running a 33 on my '27 D and find it superior to the T4X due to the adjustable needles as opposed to the fixed jetting of the Zenith. I have not seen any written documentation about these carbs as to release dates or application. Interestingly, I looked at a 1928 Schebler Motorcycle Service Station Manual today and it did not list either of these carbs with an application for m/c's. I'm only guessing but perhaps they were initially intended for airplane conversions and somehow caught on for street use. I have several other bodies that are identical to the 28/33 but are bronze. They have no DLX marking where the 28 and 33 are stamped on the back of the body and must predate the marked alloy units. The DL38 referred to in the earlier post is the part # for that component for the body itself. All the throats are the same diameter as the Deluxe intake manifolds and are made with a two bolt flange that mounts perfectly to the manifold.

I'm hoping one of our members may have some documentation that can shed more light on these carbs than what I've given here.