From:Kevin Linville
Subject:Mr Carl Vandre Date:Tue Feb 12 09:28:55 2008
I’d get up to Denver a few times a year and would always try to stop by Carl’s shop for a visit. It almost never failed that Carl would be there working away. I would drop by unannounced and Carl would take time out to spend a few hours talking about KJs, Super X and friends. This pass summer, on one such visit, Carl told me that his workshop use to be a small church in the 40ies and if you looked behind some of the shelves of parts you could still see the murals painted on the back wall. I think that shop is still a church in some ways. I guess you could call it the ‘House of Henderson’
Carl was always glad to share his knowledge and experiences with other motorcycle followers.
He will be greatly missed.
God Bless.

Photo 6-29-2007: Carl and his V8 Henderson