From:Dave Molnar, Ontario Canada
Subject:Carl Vandre, my mentor Date:Sun Feb 10 09:38:10 2008
The usual week or so had passed since I talked to Carl. At just before six pm. I grabbed my notebook and rang the Vandre residence. Carl's son Jerry answered and with a cracking voice, told me Carl had passed away only moments before. My heart sank and I immediately agreed to talk later.

As I hung up I thought of how much time we spent talking on the phone, in Davenport and even in his shop on two occasions over the last four or five years. I learned many things from him. The most important one was even though it looks impossible, it can be done. Projects that I would never have even have previously considered, I now attack with a confident vigor. He loved to help with his knowledge and always gave it freely with a smile. I always saw that little glint in his eye of that certain "boyish inthusiasm" (that I too have a hard time hiding) when it came to those Hendersons.

Thanks, Carl...