From:Steve Ciccalone
Subject:RE: henderson/excelsior saddle Date:Fri Feb 1 10:55:50 2008
Response to:1922
This saddle appeared on 1920 K models and 20 Series big X's. The saddle probably is Schwinn's version of a Troxel Jumbo that was used on Ace's. I have both and they look the same. This marked a departure from Persons saddles used as the primary saddle until 1920. The skirts are stamped with the Excelsior logo. I talked to Howard Heilmann about this and he does not have this stamp. The Henderson saddles were black. As far as I know this saddle is not being reproduced. They were replaced by the bucket type Messinger when the low frame was introduced. If that is your seat, you can send it to Howard. The important parts are the upper and lower metal frames.

Hi Guys

can anyone tell me who makes these saddles?
it was used on X and Hendo around 1924

dont know much about Hendo but on X it was used propably only in 1924