From:Perry Ruiter
Subject:RE: RE: Super X Date:Tue Jan 22 22:18:03 2008
Response to:1912
ARGH! I had a bad typo in my response. I wrote:
>I don't know for certain what size valve the Super used ...
when what I should have written was:
>I don't know for certain what size valve the Super Sport used ...
Sorry for the confusion ... Perry

Looking at the specifications in the 1930 brochure:
both the KJ and Super X list their intake valve as 1 13/16 inches (not surprisingly since both the KJ and the Super X used the same intake valve). That works out to 1,8125 which is close enough for government work to your 1,826 so I'd have to say that's a standard valve. I don't know for certain what size valve the Super used, but I have a pair of intake valves here that are 1,875 (1 7/8 inches) and that seems likely what they were from.

I believe A in the engine number indicates Alloy pistons rather than cast iron ones. XS means it was a Super Sport motor. There are also motors with L in the number. This seems to mean it was a low frame model. Some people think these are early 29 only (pre-Streamliner) but based on the serial numbers it looks like it was produced for most of the 28 season too ... Perry

I have measure my inlet valve to 46,4 mm/1,826 inc. Are this a standard or super sport valve?

Some Super X have A on the engine number others have XS.
What are the difference?