From:Dennis Henderson
Subject:Henderson Frigid Flyer Date:Tue Jan 22 10:48:01 2008
For those of us that are in the middle of winter with our two wheel toys safely tucked away until the ground is no longer white, we're drawn to any activity that involves antique machines. With the temperatures hovering below zero and wind chills way below that, I attended an antique snowmobile gathering last weekend here in Upper Michigan (that's the part above the bridge). The earliest snowmobile there was an Eliason motor toboggan with an Indian Scout engine circa 1940's. The Eliason company was in Sayner, Wisconsin just over the border from Upper Michigan. For the Henderson enthusiants, the Holy Grail of antique snowmobiles/motor toboggans would be the Eliason Frigid Flyer powered by a Henderson 4. Additional pictures can be seen at Would to find one of these if anyone on the list has further history of the Henderson powered snowmobile.