From:John Yushkevich
Subject:RE: RE: RE: Henderson Airplanes Date:Mon Dec 17 12:11:10 2007
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Hey Dave:
I have not done much reading up on Heath conversions so I don't know if they can fly upside down or not. I know one thing, if "I" was flying it it would definitely be a death trap!!
By the sound of the other responses, there were at least some KJ "cut-offs" around. Either they were in airplanes or someone had a run on KJ powered cord wood saws.


I saw an Hen engine over at Steve Lippoldt's place a number of years ago that was cut off for airplane use. I think it was a KJ but I can't remember. Heath died in 1931, so perhaps he modified some KJ engines. Or maybe someone else did later on.

The Heath engine brochure mentions an OHV. I wonder if he made a OHV conversion of a DeLuxe, or maybe he was telling a half-truth about a KJ engine.

Could you fly a Henderson engine upside-down?

Seeing those "Heath Kits" really makes me want to build one. But I don't think I'd really want to fly anything that I had built!



I see on this section you have pictures of the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks Ct. This is where my Deluxe is presently housed (see picture).
For anyone that is in the area this is a must see. My Deluxe is one of three henderson engines on display including a mid 30's test stand used by Sikorski to test his rotor blades during the infancy of helicopter develpoment. It appears that Deluxe engines were the preferred choice in airplanes. I have not seen a modified KJ as of yet.
For anyone interested in aeronautics there is also alot of neet things to see including one of the Wright engines partially disassembled for viewing.
Plan a trip, it's worth it!!

Check out the "Henderson-powered Airplanes" section of the web site.

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