From:Pete Reeves
Subject:RE: RE: Ace motor paint Date:Tue Dec 4 12:31:50 2007
Response to:1753
Doug thanks for that information.
Are you saying that none of the deck area would have been painted (no paint around the tappets)?
Would parts like the clutch arm/kick start lever/bearing housing/ breather, Ect have been painted blue at the same time .
Would items like the handlebars/head lamp and bracket /tail light/ generator /horn and bracket/seat springs and hard ware/foot pedals/be black or Blue?
Was there a decal on the rear fender?
Sorry for all the questions but the more pictures of restored ACEs I look at the more different combinations I see.
Last but not least I need to find a pulley that fits on to the magneto drive shaft, original or reproduction would be fine or A picture of one would help so that I can copy it.
Thanks Pete.

According to old Joe Stehpan who worked for Ace, the engines were assembled then painted and finally sent to the ovens for baking. This would mean all the hardware would have been painted over. The "deck" of the engine where the cylinders are secured was not painted. I would assume the magneto was not installed for the baking(the magneto deck was also unpainted).

Joe told me that the company was once having problems with the motors not starting. They brought in some outside mechanics who began to pull down motors hunting for a cause. I guess the management was trying to blame their own people. Joe went over to a motor and squirted some oil in the cylinders, put the plugs back in and the engine fired right up. Seems the oven baking ran the motor oil down the cylinder leaving no ring compression in the engine. Saying this, would mean even the cylinders were in place when the motors were painted and baked. However one time, Ace did not have cam shafts so the machines were comletely assembled and sent to the dealers, with the cams being installed at a later date. This would affect the state of paint on the hardware.
Can any body tell how the motor was originally painted on a 1922 ACE?
I know that the cases should be painted blue, I am trying to find out if the bottom half of the motor was assembled and then painted, meaning that all the nuts bolts screws and bronze bushes would have been painted at the same time or were the cases painted and then assembled meaning that the nuts and bolts ect would not be painted.
Are there any unrestored aces left? any info or pictures would be a great help with my restoration.
Many thanks Pete.