From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Priceless... Date:Sun Nov 4 23:38:12 2007
At Oley 2007, Perry Ruiter and I judged Marty Megrarian's absolutely gorgeous KJ and sidecar. After the judging, I was blabbing with Marty about the sidecar, and how I would like to find a tandem seat so that my wife could ride with me.

Well, Marty said he had one, and after a few phone calls, emails, and photos, we struck a deal. Although it came with a Heilman-recovered Persons King Comfort, I was kinda thinking that maybe I had paid too much for it...

...Until this weekend. I spent Saturday night figuring out how to mount this "contraption" on the bike. After church on Sunday morning, my wife asked "Are we going for a ride today?"

Jennifer had ridden on the back of a motorcycle once or twice in her 20's, and when we met 4 years ago, the KJ was parked in the garage with a dead engine, gathering sawdust. She thought I was crazy to pay actual money to someone to rebuild the engine on this old dustbucket.

This afternoon, after a test drive through the backyard, she said "Let's go visit neighbor X". So, we headed off down the road - chilly 55 degrees, no helmets. It was only a couple miles down and a couple miles back, and the "maximum hand" on the Corbin showed 30 mph.

Majestic tandem setup: $$$ lots.

A ride with your wife on your 77-year old Henderson? Priceless...


P.S. Thanks Marty. Are there any other tandem owners out there? Let's compare notes...